One Drop at a Time

Droplet Operations was named symbolically after the saying, “a drop in the bucket.” When this phrase is usually spoken most people view the drop in a bucket as insignificant. However, I have not yet found a full bucket that didn’t start with a single drop, the trick is to keep adding them.

Meet Christopher

(they guy who started this)

Why I started This

I had multiple people in my life ask me if I knew how to make a website. The answer was always no, but the more I thought about it the more I saw how valuable a skill it could be. I learned through trial, error, iteration, and knowledge seeking. that 4 step process can teach you anything if you try long enough.

Where I Want to Go

In the short-term I plan on taking any projects that I feel I can accomplish. Moving forward, I want to use my skills to further develop JiuJitsu community by promoting gyms and helping them with their online presence. Through this I hope to introduce thousands of new people to the art that changed my life for the better. 

I want to provide gym owners with a lever that will allow them to get new members into their gym that stick around and help build up a positive gym culture. I want this lever to be dialed in so that if an instructor wants to grow their practice, get people to a seminar, or get people to sign up for private lessons, then they can ask for more clients and I will provide them on demand.